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this is kron 4 news @ 4:00. our big story at 4:00 bad news for the city of oakland as it burns that clorox is relocating more than 500 employees to a new facility in a different city. as anchorman shows us this is good news for the city pleasanton. >> this old washington mutual complex work clark's plans to house its new research and development operations and in the process relocate more than 500 employees from oakland. >> about 500 jobs see the need more overtime is really good for pleasanton. it's bad for oakland
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is good for pleasanton which is in a handful of bay area businesses relocate over the past three months. >> seeing medium-size companies in the neighborhood of 200 employees to about 500 employees, companies relocating from other parts of the bay area. san francisco in silicon valley with the upgrade infrastructure here meaning or adjacent highway is the 68580 primarily we have one bart station nearby another one coming on line in the early 2011 a family of class a office space. the credit union is moving to this road location to pleasanton official say initially its nearby retail businesses and restaurants like these that will benefit the most. pleasanton officials are hopeful that clorox decision to relocate is just another in a series of relocations that will
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continue to take place in the city of pleasanton. anchorman kron 4 news. >> with the departure of more than 500 employees in the next year the oakland chamber of commerce is helping the new companies will take over the space that will be freed up when clark's leaves. >> the fact that they're moving 500 percent people of the next year to another city is obviously disappointing. if it's going to be phased in over the next year we could have no employees from other companies, other organizations coming to oakland to offset that. it's hard to see what the impact will be. >> clorox is currently doing $25 million worth of improvements to its building and will be leasing of the space that will be freed up by its departing employees. new details in the deadly san bruno gas line explosion today the corner confirmed the death of the three family members would been missing. 17 year-old
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william ennis father gregory who you see this photograph along with gregory's mother were identified through dna testing of remains found at the family's home. this now pushes the death toll from the explosion to seven. the mean time inside the fires all crews are getting ready to clear of debris tomorrow. christine conley shows us how they are preparing. >> here you see the heavy equipment that crews moved in as a get ready to remove debris here on thursday but watching through the process the health department said the begin by taking away some of the burned out cars like you see here. crews will focus on one property at a time and as i pan over here you can see it's hard to tell exactly where these properties are which is why crews have put up signs like this one here that shows the addresses of where these homes once stood. the take away all the ash and all of the debris of like you're looking at here on the ground. once all
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that is called the way they will tear down the chimneys and the walls. the thick with the foundations and go about 2 to 3 in. deep in the soil. here's what the health department had to say how to protect the neighborhood will there doing this work. >> while were working will be monitoring the perimeter but will also be monitoring each individual worksite going on. the minute that we find any information that shows their particular is going on here that could be hazardous it will be completely put to a stop. >> in san bruno christine conley kron 4 news. >> >> for the search for suspects in two separate sexual assaults. police released this sketch he is described as a black male about 20 to 25 years old 5 ft. 10 in. tall to 6 ft. tall with a medium build. he was last seen wearing dark clothing and is armed with a weapon. kron 4 shows you what police are doing to spread the word about these crimes.
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>> be on the lookout for this sexual assault suspect in the late mayor area. now they have a sketch of the suspect in this morning fire is being passed out by investigators who smokes live in the neighborhood. the two separate attacks happened sunday night within hours of each other one on east 18th street near lakeshore and the other on third avenue. both women were robbed and assaulted as they were on their way home. oakland police say what's unusual about these two cases is just that. after each robbery of sexual assault occurred. investigators say strong armed robberies are typically combine with violence but not sexual attacks. investigators said they believe the man of the sketch is responsible for both crimes and is considered armed and dangerous. crime stoppers are offering up to $5,000 for information leading to his arrest. in oakland kron 4 news. >> >>, and police in walnut creek looking for a man who tried to
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lure the 13 year-old boy into his car. the boy was at a shopping center when he was approached by man in a dark blue as tv. according to police the driver claim to know the boy's mother and said he been asked to pick up the child. the 13 year-old ran away and contacted a security guard nearby. the driver is described as a bold, white male in his late '30's or 40's with green eyes and a goatee. >> a live look at the golden gate bridge their sunny skies this afternoon. it is still on the cool and breezy side. our current conditions mostly in the '60s but we have a couple more '70's than we did yesterday. 72 in concord, 75 antioch, 76 santa rosa and 7 for now,. winds are still kicking up out there right now were seeing 20 mi. an hour
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winds in san francisco and will see those breezy conditions last through the rest of the afternoon. we have big changes in store though a big warmup coming up this weekend. all the details coming up in a bit. >> san jose has the worst roads in the nation that according to a study by national transportation research group it's one of a number bay area cities on the list. as kron 4 shows us san jose has seen years of declining roads than ever in the top spot. >> this is the all too common sight in san jose a hopeless backlog of roads in poor condition you can see the cracks and bottles everywhere but the miles of bad road piling up each year. san jose does fight back this was in willow glen and earlier this year. here's how about tonight now within a set of asphalt. and forced listen as a dozen have enough money to do this elsewhere. city transportation officials point to this as the classic example. the text here the car is running over the
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choppy pavement this road is a major and hit heavily by traffic an example of the kind of roads deteriorating. one stretch of the former involves a bad road plagued by these holes causing hundreds of dollars of damage for car every year. it would cost a quarter of a billion dollars to do this to fix it all in one pot hole at a time. until the top in san jose expects to stay at or near the top of the list. >>, for areas with populations between to enter and 5500 thousand people there's a separate list and again several california cities come in at the top for rough roads. antioch take no. 1 with 65 percent of the roads in four conditions fall by santa rosa he meant stockton and immaculate of marietta. >> this is a woman creek cam of the headlights' are northbound need to traffic as the addition all directions there. a lot more news ahead and rob black with
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your money coming up.
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the dow down 21 points to close at 10,739 and the nasdaq down 15 points to close at 2334. at rob black with the now what happened in the stock market today? >> were starting to get extended and a little toppy. it's the high end of the trading range and traders made a bet today we probably are going to get much higher than this. the economic news it was a weak side from adobe talking about the fourth quarter. back to 10,000 on the dow and back to stay in this trading range. >> we need a little correction. >> september is all about one in a percent until yesterday afternoon that the glorious
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month that's unattainable and unsustainable. the book some wins the one vacation by a vote bycar. >> using 10,000 is healthy don't you? >> until we see a pickup in employment or corporate america far more people if they do far more people that would mean they have more profits. we need guts need something a little more dated to lead us to the positive. one of the things they said is inflation is too low. yet the car economy to lead to caught you know what to cold. he won a little inflation. that minstar boxing what make more money they can give it to their employers hire more employees or give the raises. then they go by house or car of the what about inflation is good it the fed said yesterday there's just not
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enough. >> what's happen with the cable companies they're losing subscribers? >> have no love lost with cable companies carry (laughter) i spent hundred and $60 on to get too many channels. this is the first quarter they've ever lost subscribers on a year-to-year basis. it's interesting look it tie its towards people on x box using that flex and on their tripod and i phone using net to flex. people >> are getting comfortable with thinking of the box. >> any time and buy something for my tunes but i'm happy because that's what i wanted. i have control tonight and going to go through the 500 channels of nothing and i'm going to be bitter and angry and i pan hundred $60 a month for 500 channels of nothing. >> the to change their ways which is a good thing for customers. >> you want to continue to invest in companies like cisco
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and apple the deliver what we want. getting media when he wanted how you want it where you wanted to rid >> alright rob will read back. [ male announcer ] barbara boxer.
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the farther we get away from the disaster the higher it will get. >> or did something like chevron
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tack they of natural gas it's basically retarding the growth of the oil price. kind of like the redheaded stepchild only coal is worse. oil is the best investment. >> why was adobe down 20% today? >> got crushed, hammered. s. san jose co. they got what's called a c.s. 5. the schools aren't buying as many seats for back- to-school and the japanese market's really soft as well and they're big consumers. s;>theyt didn't have a good enough quarter. it their quarters line but they said about future quarter not so good. they've started saying the economy doesn't look as strong next quarter as it did this quarter. it's a pretty big business name
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down 20% in one day i would buy the shares and trade the shares but it tells you that the economy is slowing down. >> think adobe will go back upper >> adobe is adobe it's for unique film ever go down it's very unique. at like adobe at these levels at which rated they also told us something very dark about the economy. >> if you like to send rob black and e-mail send one act and we'll be right back. the black widow spider's severe bite
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can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator live in the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:03 p.m. president barack obama said today he has to shoulder some of the blame for the cold reception for his health-care reform. congress passed the b

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